WorldCast Anglers Cancelling Policies

Please review the following Cancelling Policies for all WorldCast Anglers Bookings

For All WorldCast Anglers Bookings, Domestic or International:

-WorldCast Anglers requires a 50% deposit at the time of booking.

-Your remaining balance will be billed to the same credit card used to book at a set time based on the billing policy for the trip or program you have booked.

-A %3 processing fee will be assessed to all credit card refunds at WorldCast’s discretion

-Deposits are non-refundable within the cancellation window and are used to pay our guides, instructors, or destination for work they may be missing out on due to a cancellation. If your guide is rebooked during this window, your deposit may be refunded minus a cancellation fee.

– WCA recommends trip insurance for all Guided Day and Overnight Trips.

Guided Day Trips and Rowing Clinics:

-Remaining balance is billed 24 hours from your trip

-Cancellation window: 30 days

-Cancellation/ rebooking fee inside 30 days: $100/ boat or $50/ clinic spot

-Cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled trip(s) require full payment.

Guided Overnight Trips:

-Remaining Balance is billed 24 hours from your trip

-Cancellation window: 45 days

-Cancellation/ rebooking fee inside 45 days: $500/ boat

-Cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled trip(s) require full payment.

Guide School, Trout Camps, and Yellowstone National Park Excursions:

-Remaining Balance is billed 60 days from your trip or package.

-Cancellation window: 60 days

-Cancellation/ rebooking fee inside 60 days: $300/ spot

-Cancellations within 30 days require full payment.

Destination Travel and Hosted Adventures:

WCA’s Destination Travel cancellation policy will always reflect the specific policies and billing procedures of the trip operator. As a booking agent and host, WCA’s cancellation policy is not applicable to any and all destination travel trips. The trip operator will make final determination based on their policies and procedures and WCA will act as intermediary. WCA will communicate these specifics upon booking all destination travel trips. WCA recommends trip insurance for all Destination Travel and Hosted Adventures.