Women's Saltwater 101 Fly Fishing School

2024 Dates and Info


*$4,250 per angler | Single Occupancy (Limited) / Shared boat rate (4 full days fishing and 5 nights lodging)

*$3,750 per angler | Double Occupancy / Shared boat rate (4 full days of fishing and 5 nights lodging)

WorldCast Anglers Women’s Saltwater 101 Fly Fishing School is a four day course, which takes place at El Pescador Lodge. On the island of Ambergris Caye, El Pescador Lodge offers world-class sight fishing for The Big Three: tarpon, permit, and bonefish with incredible access to fishing flats. This school is intended for women who want to start their own personal fly fishing knowledge, foundation and experiences in the saltwater environment.

Start your Saltwater Journey

Every angler has seen this photo across the full spectrum of fly fishing publications and up and down their social media feeds. It is unavoidable, even to the most casual of anglers: the majestic and eye-catching saltwater flats fishing portrait – a fixated angler with rod in one hand and fly in the other stares undisturbed across an endless horizon of beautifully calm, clear shallow ocean water imbued with seemingly every shade of illuminating blue and green as a dramatic tropical cloud formation rises in the distance. It is one of the most overly represented images the fly fishing industry offers but for good reason – it’s one of the purest forms of inspiration that exists and there isn’t even a sign of fish! 

El Pescador Fly Fishing Lodge
El Pescador Fly Fishing Lodge

Expanded Fishing Months

As fly anglers, statistically speaking most of us live in areas where trout thrive and thus there is cold, clean water and therefore typically long, cold, and grey winters. Depending on exactly where we live, there is usually some opportunity to pick up the fly rod between November and March and do a little fishing. In the end though, it does not recreate the excitement and meditative qualities that our peak season of fishing produces. Whether it is hopper dropper fishing your way up a small creek, site casting to a large rising fish on small dries or “banging” the banks with foam during a stonefly hatch, these moments are the paradigm and why we love to fish. As we hunker down during the cold and dark winter months with a roaring fire, we all dream of being on the warm saltwater flats hunting for bonefish, tarpon and permit.

The Saltwater Experience

Saltwater flats fly fishing is an experience like none other. It takes you to some of the most beautiful, natural environments on the planet – many of which are seemingly undisturbed by the modern, industrial world. As a sport, it is visual, demanding and as rewarding as this hobby can be. Some would argue that it is the pinnacle of fly fishing because it demands our highest level of knowledge, patience, skill and dedication. It also provides a wonderful wrinkle to your winter calendar and an excuse to pick up the fly rods, head somewhere warm and fulfill your fishing “fix” until spring arrives. 

Saltwater 101 Fly Fishing School

Challenges and Opportunities

On the flip side, saltwater flats fly fishing also carries an enormous barrier of entry. First and foremost, it is intimidating. The challenge that it inherently provides is also discouraging to many anglers. It is extremely weather dependent. When it’s pouring down rain and blowing 20+ mphs, your odds are extremely stacked against you. Lastly, it’s expensive. Between the rods, reels, lines, terminal tackle and flies, you are making a significant investment into a sport that might end up not being your cup of tea. These obstacles have found a way to discourage many passionate freshwater anglers from giving saltwater flats fishing the time and effort it requires to have that eventual life changing, epiphanic experience that forever changes you as an angler.

The Perfect Place to Start

This inherent challenge is what has inspired WorldCast Anglers to offer our Women’s Saltwater 101 hosted trip to El Pescador Lodge in Ambergris Caye, Belize. This unique trip offering covers all of the bases for an introductory and educational flats fishing experience. The travel is easy and flexible. There are direct flights from a host of major airports in the United States and you are not far removed from your original time zone. The fishery surrounding Ambergris Caye is PERFECT for beginner saltwater flats fishing, boasting resident populations of all the super slam species (Bonefish, Snook, Tarpon and Permit). The guides all speak English as their native tongue and have a cultural affinity to educate their anglers. The lodge is one of the most comfortable and well run establishments in the Caribbean and offers unique amenities beyond fishing that few in the industry do. WCA is providing all the necessary rods/ reels/ lines from premier manufacturers such as Orvis, Scott and Lamson free of charge as well as two highly experienced saltwater anglers as hosts to further your education in the boat and over beers and cocktails by the bar in the evening.

El Pescador Fly Fishing Lodge

Join Us

If you have ever been tempted to learn about saltwater fly fishing but have not found the opportunity for one reason or the other to make it happen, this is it. Simply put, there is not a better circumstance or hosted trip offering that we can think of for those who are curious about what the meditative flats angler is actually doing in that image. Come with us and find out! Instructed by WCA President Mike Dawkins and Trout Unlimited Vice President of Volunteer Operations Beverly Lane Smith.

Women’s Saltwater 101 Fly Fishing School

2024 Dates TBD (Tuesday Arrival to Sunday Departure)


*$4,250 per angler | Single Occupancy (Limited) / Shared boat rate (4 full days fishing and 5 nights lodging)

*$3,750 per angler | Double Occupancy / Shared boat rate (4 full days of fishing and 5 nights lodging)

*Packages include the number of nights lodging and days fishing specified in your package, roundtrip land, sea and air transfers between El Pescador and Belize City, hotel tax, sales tax, 3 meals and an afternoon snack daily, local Belizean beverages consumed at the El Pescador bar (including soda, beer and rum drinks) plus complimentary use of the amenities (pools, wifi, kayaks, paddle boards, bikes, etc) and rods/ reels/ lines (provided by WCA) 

**Does not include international airfare, sport fishing licenses available online, park fees (if applicable), terminal tackle (flies, leaders, tippet) and gratuities 

Contact WorldCast Anglers via Email or phone 800-654-0676.