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Grand Teton National Park (GTNP) is one of the most famous and publicized fly fishing destinations in the Rocky Mountain West for a reason. It offers an extremely rare combination of qualities that are not replicated elsewhere: world famous dramatic and stunning landscapes, abundant wildlife viewing opportunities and lastly and most importantly, a practically unchanged native Cutthroat fishery that continues to thrive uninhibited by mankind. A day spent floating and fishing in GTNP can provide the most spectacular yet intimate western experience in our region, producing images that have been featured in movies and magazines while also creating memories that live vividly in the minds of anglers for decades.

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Fish Under the Tetons

Grand Teton National Park has a fascinating and layered history. Unlike it’s big brother to the north (Yellowstone National Park), it took decades to establish GTNP through a collaboration of government and private philanthropic efforts. Congress created the original park in 1929 to protect the Teton Range and several lakes at the foot of the mountains. In 1943, Franklin D. Roosevelt declared additional land in the valley to be Jackson Hole National Monument. In 1949, John D Rockefeller, Jr. donated the land he had been strategically purchasing for conservation purposes to the government to be included in the national park. Finally, in 1950 Congress combined the original park, the national monument and the Rockefeller lands to establish the present-day construct of Grand Teton National Park. Due to these fruitful efforts and forwarding thinking, GTNP has become one of the most visited and photographed natural monuments in the United States.

Fly Fishing Grand Teton National Park
Snake River Grand Teton National Park Cutthroat Trout

Lower Snake River

The lower Snake River from Wilson bridge through the Snake River Canyon contains a  plethora of fishable water. Commonly used for half day and full day trips, fly fishing the Snake River in the Jackson Hole region produces some of the highest numbers of fly caught trout during the WorldCast Anglers fishing season. For anglers looking to start their fly fishing careers this is the place to begin. Big gravel bars and eddies hold large numbers of cutthroat trout. Fly casters will have time to stop and cast to individual fish. With a very high concentrations of bald eagles, the lower Snake is a spectacular place to fish.

White Water Trips

For the more adventuresome angler, WorldCast Anglers provides trips through the white water section of the Snake. Find yourself floating through turbulent waters casting into swirling pools and enticing large cutthroat trout to eat your fly. Enjoy the art of fly fishing and the rush of whitewater in an unforgettable combination. Bridger Teton National Forest & Teton County Parks and Recreation Permittee. Equal Opportunity Service Provider. Be sure to check out our Snake River Fly Fishing Report.

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