Bass on the Fly 2024 Rules and Regulations:

1. The tournament is limited to 15 teams and 5 sponsor teams.

2. All participants 14 and over must have a valid fishing license. All boats must be registered for motorized use if using a motor.

3. Idaho law requires all boats, including those from out of state, must display a valid Idaho Invasive Species Sticker. All anglers recently fishing out of state must have their boats inspected at a Watercraft Inspection Station before launching in Idaho. All boaters please minimize risk of moving aquatic invasive species (AIS) by cleaning, draining, & drying all watercraft, including kayaks Purchase Here Your ID AIS Sticker!

4. An entrance fee to Ririe Reservoir State Park is required upon entrance.

5. Teams can consist of two or three members (single person teams are prohibited). If three persons are on a team, all three are allowed to fish. Only two participants per team can fish at one time.

6. Registration for two person teams is $200.00. Registrations for three person teams is $250.00.

7. 9.8 hp limit on watercraft motors.

8. Double and single hook flies permitted. Treble hooks not permitted.

9. No conventional lures, baits, scents, or scented baits (that includes GULP and GULP-like products) allowed.

10. Only fly rods allowed. No spinning rods or bait casting rods.

11. All types of sinking tips, sinking lines, and artificial weights (coneheads, beadheads, dumbbell eyes, etc.) are allowed.

12. All teams must be equipped with a live well. Rejuvex will be supplied for the tour-nament.

13. All boats and/or anglers are required to have a copy of the Tournament permit in their possession during the event.

14. The following fish cannot be harvested during any tournament: wild trout (in any stream), Cutthroat Trout, White Sturgeon, Bull Trout, and Arctic Grayling.

15. A total of five bass per team can be weighed. No more than five bass can be submit-ted at the weigh-in or be in a live well at one time. Minimum length of each bass for the tournament must be 10 inches. Any team that submits a bass that is under 10 inches will be deducted .5 lbs from their total score.

16. Any team that submits a bass that is deemed dead or unable-to-survive by judges will be deducted .5 lbs. from their total score.

17. A one pound deduction will occur if a team is not at the Juniper Launch by 3:35 pm. An additional pound will be deducted in five minute increments thereafter.


19. Registration ends at 8:15am.

20. If conditions are deemed too dangerous for the tournament to be conducted safely, the tournament director will have the final decision as to whether or not the tournament will take place. Rules may be modified to ensure safety under dangerous conditions. In the event that the tournament is cancelled, all contestants can either receive a reimbursement of their entry fee or may leave their entry fee submitted for either the fol-lowing year or later in the year if the tournament is rescheduled. In the event that rules and regulations for the tournament are modified to better ensure safety, teams or contestants who wish not to participate can be reimbursed for their entry fee.

Bass on the Fly 2024 Prizes and Awards:

1. 100% Payout after expenses.

2. Tournament will pay out 1 for every 5 entires if registrations reach 20 total teams.

3. Trophy awarded to First Place Team.

4. First Place – 40% of 100% Payout after expenses.

5. Second Place – 20% of 100% Payout after expenses.

6. Third Place – 10% of 100% Payout after expenses.

7. Big Fish – 10% of 100% Payout after expenses. Heaviest Smallmouth Bass

8. Female Anglers -10% of Payout after expenses. Heaviest Smallmouth Bass

9. By Catch 10 % of Payout after expenses. – Longest Length of any fish other than Smallmouth Bass / Catch and Release – Photo Required

10. General Fly Fishing Gear and Services products and raffle prizes.