Western Rivers Women's Trout Camp

2023 Dates and Info

*June 9th – 14th (Women’s Only)

*$2995.00 per person, all inclusive

*$2595.00 per person, not including food and lodging


WorldCast Anglers Western Rivers Women’s Trout Camp is a five-day course, which takes place outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, an area with an amazing amount of trout water. This women’s only camp is intended for those who want to extend their own personal fly fishing knowledge. It is a very unique camp and the only one which prepares you to accelerate your learning curve in the great sport of fly fishing.

History of Teaching

WorldCast Anglers, formerly known as Bressler Outfitters prior to 2001, has been actively hosting and teaching the oldest guide school in the fly fishing industry since the 1980’s – The Western Rivers Guide School. This school and it’s ever evolving curriculum has been fundamental in the introduction, training and development of countless professionals who are now the leaders and pioneers of our vocation throughout the country and the world. You would be hard pressed to find a more in depth, immersive, long term learning experience that touches upon the most fundamental aspects of being a fly fishing guide or angler in the Rocky Mountain West: safely rowing a drift boat or raft while using it as a strategic fishing tool, understanding moving water, fish behavior and habitat, communication and instruction between rower and angler and in depth knowledge of entomology, knot tying, gear, rigging, strategies and techniques. 

Fly Fishing Guide School
Western River's Women's Trout Camp

Focus on Learning

With that being said, it is a school and experience that many folks regardless of professional aspiration or interest are very eager to participate in but cannot justify – too much time away from work and family, too rigorous of a curriculum for their level of interest, unnerved by lack of personal knowledge or experience, etc… Starting in 2022, WorldCast Anglers has begun providing a new course and service as an extended branch of our storied guide school institution that will be even more accessible to all those who simply want to learn as much as possible about our amazing sport in a more abridged and digestible format.

Beginner & Expert Anglers Welcome

“The Western Rivers Women’s Trout Camp” is a four day, five night adaptation of our thriving guide school program that is specifically designed for those of us who are passionate and eager to learn anglers looking to make the next step in their personal journey as a fisherman, rower and teacher. Whether you are a new resident to the Mountain West and interested in learning to fly fish and row a boat with friends and family or you are an experienced angler who has always wanted to become more self-sufficient and confident on the water, this school will provide the foundational training and self-assurance to do so.

Western River's Women's Trout Camp
Women's Rowing Clinic

Blended Water and Classroom Learning

The Western Rivers Women’s Trout Camp will consist of one classroom day and three water days. The first day will be spent on dry land and filled to the brim with material – introduction to river and moving water dynamics, river classifications and water safety, knot tying, entomology, fly casting and teaching fly casting, and introduction to drift boats. The following three days will be spent on the water, in a drift boat with a Western Rivers Guide School instructor who will provide a specialized teaching experience starting with the basics of fishing from a drift boat to eventually putting each student in the driver seat as the rower, navigator and captain of the boat. With a two-to-one student to instructor ratio, the three rivers days allow for a customizable learning experience where each student can get exactly what they want and need out of the day. The best part – the second and third water days will be centered around our South Fork Overnight trip, fishing the 28 mile world famous canyon of this blue ribbon tailwater and spending the night at one of our overnight camps. This extensive course is meant to provide the highest level of educational service in our industry but most importantly it is meant to be fun and memorable. We expect everyone to leave the school with a few new fishing buddies, instructors included!

Overnight Trip and Graduation

We will call a beautiful rental property in Teton Springs (Victor, Idaho) home for the duration of the course with all-inclusive and non-inclusive packages offered. The all-inclusive package will include all meals, beverages (including beer and wine) and accommodations for five nights and four days. The non-inclusive package will include a welcome dinner, lunches for all four days, meals and accommodations on the South Fork overnight and a graduation dinner. WorldCast Anglers is proud to be working local businesses to provide amazing, locally home cooked meals.

Western River's Women's Trout Camp

Women’s Only Trout Camp

WCA is offering this women’s only course from June 9th-14th, 2023 which will serve as a more in depth and advanced combination of our very popular and successful women’s rowing and fishing clinics. This camp will be filled on a first come, first served basis with a maximum of 10 students per school. Rates and more details below.

Western Rivers Women’s Trout Camp

June 9th – 14th, 2023

Arrival by 6pm on Friday, June 19th and departure on morning of Wednesday, June 14th

Spots Available: 10


All Inclusive: $2,995 per student

Non Inclusive: $2,595 per student

*does not include fishing license, personal fishing equipment and recommended gratuity 

Contact WorldCast Anglers via Email or phone 800-654-0676.

Western Rivers Trout Camp

Example Itinerary 

The following itinerary is an “example” of the course material and scheduled events that will take place over the course of the camp. The specific events and timing of each school are ultimately subject to change depending on weather, scheduling and any unforeseen events. 

Friday, June 9th ARRIVAL DAY
6:00pm – Arrival Victor, ID
6:30pm – Introductions: Meet the Instructors, Course Handouts, Expectations 
7:30pm – Welcome Dinner (all students)
Day 1 – Saturday, June 10th CLASSROOM DAY
7:30am: Breakfast 
8:30am – 10:30am: River Classifications and Water Safety with AJ Sanders (Head Instructor and WCA Guide) 
10:30am – 12:00pm:  Knot Tying with AJ Sanders and Kasey Collins (Instructor and WCA Guide)
12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch (all students)
1:00pm – 2:00pm: Introduction to Equipment, Basic Fly Casting and How to Teach Basic Fly Casting with Kasey Collins
2:00pm – 4:00pm:  Entomology with Mike Bias (WCA Guide, Teacher, Executive Directors FOAM)
4:00pm – 5:30pm: Intro to Drift Boats with AJ Sanders and Kasey Collins
6:30pm: Dinner
Day 2 – Sunday, June 11th RIVER DAY #1
7:30am: Breakfast 
8:30am – 5:30pm: Water Day #1 – Introduction to Fly Fishing from a Drift Boat and Rowing
6:30pm: Dinner 
Day 3 – Monday, June 12th RIVER DAY #2 (Overnight Day 1)
7:30am: Breakfast 
8:30am-5:30pm: Water Day #2 – Rowing and Angling Focused Progressions 
5:30pm: Arrival at Overnight Camp in South Fork Canyon
6:30pm: Appetizers and Steak Dinner at Camp 
Day 4  – Tuesday, June 13th RIVER DAY #3 (Overnight Day 2)
7:30am: Breakfast at Camp
8:30am – 5:00pm: Water Day #3 – Rowing and Angling Focused Progressions Cont’d 
6:30pm: Graduation Dinner and Awards (all students) 
Wednesday, June 14th DEPARTURE DAY
7:30am: Breakfast 
10:00am: Checkout and Departure