It’s a fact that the human population throws away 200 billion plastic bottles a year. Thirty-five billion of those bottles are thrown away in the United States alone with 10 percent of that plastic ending up in the worlds’ oceans and waterways. 2/3 of all fish populations now test positive for plastics. In the Pacific Ocean, a garbage patch has formed that’s twice the size of Texas; this is just one of five in our oceans. Plastic kills 1 million sea birds each year. After a few minutes of use, plastic bottles last for 1,000 years and 10% of them end up in our oceans. This is unacceptable.

In previous years, WorldCast Anglers was using 40,000 to 50,000 single serve plastic bottles during our peak operating season. As a business that relies on our natural resources, this was disappointing. WorldCast Anglers realized it was time to change and make a difference and reduce our reliance on single serving plastic water bottles. Not to mention, that most single serve plastic water bottles are made from cheap plastic that sits in warehouses with large sways in temperatures where BPAs leech into the bottled water. They harm you and the environment.

In partnership with YETI Coolers and Costa Del Mar, WorldCast Anglers launched a KickPlastic initiative to reduce and eliminate single serve plastic water bottles from our outfitting trips and camps. WorldCast Anglers now offers complimentary aluminum water bottles for all trips. Every day, each client will receive their own water bottle, and after a quick rinse, it will serve as a clean, and environmentally friendly water container for their day on the water. Guides will refill their water bottles on their trip from our filtered water station at the WCA Fly Shop. This water bottle is kept by the client to use and enjoy for whatever application and use they see fit. The fight doesn’t stop here, help WorldCast Anglers, YETI Coolers, and Costa Del Mar to #KICKPLASTIC in your everyday life on and off the water. 

KickPlastic Information Sheet

Costa Del MarJackson Hole Fishtoberfest Photo Contest Voting Page - Action creates the clearest polarized sunglasses on the planet for on and off the water. They launched the KickPlastic campaign to educate individuals on how they can reduce the use of single serve plastic water bottles.


YetiYeti Coolers is the official cooler and insulated provider of WorldCast Anglers. Their products are wildly stronger and keep ice longer.