Western Rivers Guide School

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I experienced enough to do the guide school?

The simple answer is YES. In our nearly 40 years of operating the guide school, we have had students arrive on the first day having never held a fly rod in their hand before. Each of them has graduated from the school seven days later as a satisfied and eager,
passionate angler. As long as you are dedicated to immersing yourself into the sport and keen to learn, we are confident that the school will meet your expectations and provide a comfortable and rewarding educational experience.

Am I old enough to do the guide school?

That depends on who you are! We have had a multitude of students come through the school as young as 16 years old who have then become highly successful, career members of the professional fly fishing community. This school requires a lot of physical effort and mental focus for 8-10 hours a day. It is fun and engaging but we have found that unless you are already passionate about fly fishing or highly intrigued by the sport and profession of guiding, we do not recommend students under the age of 18 attend the school.

Can I do the guide school if I am not interested in becoming a fishing guide?

Absolutely. At least 33% of our students each year are passionate anglers who have zero interest in becoming fishing guides or members of the fly fishing industry. It is without a doubt, the best rowing and trout fishing course that is offered on planet earth. If you want to take your fishing skills to the next level and become a more confident and safer rower, this school has a proven record of success.

Will I get a job in the fly fishing industry if I complete the guide school?

The Western Rivers Guide school has a phenomenal reputation in the fly fishing community and industry. A diploma from the school is a valuable asset to any resume or application. The school also offers access to the industry relationships and networking that WorldCast Anglers has developed over the last two decades. With that being said, each students’ post graduation success in finding employment is directly tied to their skills, experience and attitude. If you have the right attitude and are qualified, we will help you find a job.