Alan the dog was born in Lake Andes, SD and spent his first few years in Georgia before moving to Victor full time with his owner and WorldCast Operations Manager, Cliff Knight. Alan is named after Cliff’s uncle, who has been critical in instilling Cliff’s passion for the outdoors. When not looking for birds in the woods, fields, or local rivers, Alan the dog spends his free time watching mediocre television and sitting on the couch.


Bell is a Cowboy Corgi, or Red Heeler/Corgi mix that enjoys time in the drift boat and keeping her owner, Josh Cohen, in line and on fish!

Bennett is a Hound Mix but also the Perfect Mix! He enjoys adventures in the mountains and on the rivers surrounding Teton Valley with his owner Eric Ezell.

Joseph “Blue” Polaski is a Chug (Chihuahua Pug) who currently weighs a whopping 10.5lbs. As a covid rescue, Blue has fallen in love with life in Teton Valley, ID with owner Chris Littauer. A surprisingly solid hiker and a truly amazing boat mate, Blue has never let his size undermine his attitude or lifestyle.

Brika the dog that loves stealing your seat in the boat and pointing Robin’s while you float down the river. Never one to discriminate against the natives. And quite possibly the best client you could ever have in your boat.

I’ve never seen another conscious life form so effortlessly alter the world around them  the way Captain does.

His legendary good nature has allowed him to forge a very real form of diplomatic immunity, even in the hawkish confines of a devout HOA community.
It’s truly amazing .
I’ve never loved a dog as much as I love Captain.
One of five discarded pups, he was the only one not playing when we first saw him.
He was aware of why we were there and he knew it was to be.
He is part big brother, part little brother, part friend, part father and part something that I can’t describe, but  know i will never find again.
Loves to go fishing but doesn’t care at all about the fishing.
Has been on several hundred guide days with me.
Has much to do with my requested trips.
He was our test-kid.
Captain is twelve years old

Clementine Hamby is a four-month-old mostly-lab, and a second-generation fishing guide dog. She is well loved by all those that take care of her. A native of Ashton, ID, her hobbies include chewing sticks, traveling, leading her family and k-nannies on XC ski and snow bike outings and playing with multitude of toys simultaneously. Clem is a quick learner and expects to begin her studies in fly fishing, bird hunting and human psychology this spring. You’ll see her this summer floating down the South Fork while in charge of navigation, swimming and boat behavior with her favorite guide Curt Hamby.

Dodge, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was saved during the pandemic. A motor head at heart, his roots show through anytime he nears a running ATV or snow machine. He loves being in a drift boat and is learning his manners while wade fishing. Dodge’s brother, Tui, is teaching him the ins and outs of being a WCA shop dog and we appreciate your patience while he understands his new responsibilities.

Dottie is a 4-year-old Dalmation that is claimed (sometimes) by her owners Tim Watters and Della Frederickson. Dottie lives for hunting chizzlers, following along on horseback rides and evening fishing dates with her humans (Dottie is still in the learning process of “fish are friends, not food”). When Dottie isn’t out causing trouble, she can be found daydreaming about being the best hunting dog in Teton Valley. Maybe one day when the world is black and white, she’ll be the best-camouflaged canine out there. Until then, sticking out and looking pretty is just part of the whole picture. Dottie may not be her Dad’s dream duck hunting dog, but she sure is a keeper.

Frank has never met a stranger or a ball he wouldn’t chase. Get him in your favorite fishing hole and he will spook every fish for miles while splashing and swimming around. He loves belly rubs and long walks in the woods looking for grouse with his dad, Will Ezell.