Chris grew up in Princeton, New Jersey spending his youthful summers chasing finicky trout in the Catskills of upstate New York and quickly developing a curiosity and eagerness to head West. While attending Trinity College in Hartford, CT, Chris saw his opportunity in 2010. Following his Sophomore year, he packed his station wagon and drove to Idaho without anything planned other than WCA’s Western Rivers Guide School in Island Park. The next week of learning, fishing, rowing and camaraderie would alter Chris’ life path more than he ever imagined. Chris was offered the last shop staff job or “summer internship” as it was once titled for the 2010 season and there was absolutely zero hesitation in his immediate acceptance.
Since that fateful summer of 2010, Chris graduated from Trinity College and exclusively worked at WCA in almost every capacity the company offers. From Intern to Shop Staffer to Assistant Outfitting Manager to Guide and Destination Travel Manager to COO and now Vice President, Chris has a deeply involved and intimate knowledge for WorldCast Anglers as a business and a community of guides, clients and anglers alike. This knowledge is only matched by his personal passion and love for the company, the local community and the special destination that is Teton Valley, ID. It has always felt somewhat surreal for Chris as he found his dream job and his dream company at the earliest point in his professional career. This does not go unappreciated by Chris as his gratitude and positivity is imbued into his attitude and work for the company on a daily basis.
Chris currently oversees the day to day operations of WCA’s prolific Outfitting program, the  seasonal employment opportunities at WCA, the Destination Travel program, the Western Rivers Guide School and whatever challenges may arise running a logistically intensive, seasonal small business.
When not on the river or in the fly shop, Chris can be found living the good life of Teton Valley with his girlfriend Beth, snuggling with their Chihuahua Pug (Chug) Blue and planning his next international fishing adventure.

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